Wake Up Services

We provide wake up services for:

  • Seniors who are independent and need help in the morning to get their day started
  • Individuals with limited flexibility and energy
  • Suffer from depression and find hard to get out of bed

Wake up services offered:

  • Safe bed transfer
  • Prepare and serve breakfast
  • Support with grooming
  • Assist with morning medication reminder
  • Clothing selection
  • Linen change/bed making
  • Laundry and cleaning up the living environment

Tuck In services

We provide tuck in services for:

  • Seniors who are independent but need help in the evening getting into bed
  • Limited flexibility and energy
  • Individuals and seniors with disability who only need a few hours a day.

Tuck in services offered:

  • Evening meal and clean up
  • Night time medication reminder
  • Making sure telephone and other communication devices are within reach.
  • Making sure all appliances are turned off and doors and windows are locked.

Live In Services

We offer live in services for seniors and individuals who:

  • Who are looking for an alternative to assisted living facilities.
  • Who need companionship and surveillance most of the day
  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Has limited mobility
  • Feeling overwhelmed taking care of themselves
  • Family and friends who could help live far away
  • Is suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Around the clock care

We offer around the clock services for:

  • Older adults who wander or pose a threat to themselves due to physical and or mental limitations.
  • Older adults who require more care throughout the day and may find it hard to fall asleep at night

Bathing Services

We offer bathing services for seniors and individuals who:

  • Need help bathing.
  • Have unsteady gait.
  • Have limited mobility.
  • Unable to reach their backs.
  • Whose family is uncomfortable giving them baths

Respite care

We provide respite care for primary care givers to take a break and rest so that they can fully recharge and continue to care for their loved ones.

personal care

Personal Care

  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Hair Washing
  • Shaving
  • Nail care


  • Emotional support
  • Medication reminders
  • Dressing
  • Running errands
  • Doctors visits
  • Transportation
  • Light housekeeping

Contact Information

For service-related inquiries, use the information below to reach us.

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2611 S Clark Street, Arlington Virginia Suite 600, 22202